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What parents say:


[my child] seems really happy here & has changed so much since he started. He speaks highly of the other students & has a good relationship with all the staff members


My child was not coping with mainstream and the size of the school. The 3 month's he's now been here we have seen such a difference in his behaviour and his learning.  


He loves going every day and would weekends if he could. 


He's learnt so much in 3 month's. I can't thank the staff enough and my child nor myself want him to leave.


What pupils say:


this is the place to be


if you are feeling not safe or happy they will change that


It's a really good school.


I like this school. I have met new friends


I like this school




What our partners say:


The catch 22 staff that I have worked alongside for several months now, always put the children's best interests first.


You are a super team – thank you for your really valuable support, it is most welcome.